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05 December 2022

Signs Of a Bad Friendship Like What? - Blogkoopedia

traits of bad friendship

Toxic Friendship

Signs Of a Bad Friendship Like What? - Blogkoopedia - Our instincts are often credited with being infallible, and we're certain of the signs of a bad relationship when we see them. However, this is often times disregarded and only realized how harmful they are when it's too late. Similar to relationships, there are warning signs that we can't ignore in our friendship group if we want our relationship to remain healthy. Read on to learn the 10 indications that it's time to replace your girl group and remove certain members.

Table of Content
  1. What Are Some Red Flags OF A Bad Friendship?
  2. What are Toxic Friend Traits?
  3. Signs Of a Bad Friendship
  4. How to rekindle a Friendship that was unsuccessful?
  5. Last Thoughts

Like all relationships, whether romantic or friendly, there are highs and lows. However, the definition of a toxic relationship is when the ups and downs are frequent enough that we begin to experience the negative effects of it. If you notice that your friend's behavior has changed, this may be an indication that you should sever ties.

What are Some Red Flags Of a Bad Friendship?

Here are 5 red flags to watch out for:
  • They insult you or belittle you. How many times have you heard your friends say, "You're so sensitive" or "Oh, I was just making fun of you!" …
  • Competitive behavior. ...
  • No other friends allowed. ...
  • You will feel exhausted after interacting with them. ...
  • They don't respect your boundaries or values.

What are Toxic Friend Traits?

A toxic acquaintance will have a hard time letting you go and will often become jealous when you're with other people. A toxic individual shifts the blame and attempts to divide your existing relationships.

Signs Of a Bad Friendship

If you notice any of these, it's time to cut ties with the friend.

1. Your acquaintance has lost interest in what is happening in your life.

Your friend will only discuss themselves on the phone or during outings, they no longer seem to care enough to ask about your well-being. You no longer discuss your victories and defeats together.

2. Your association is too casual

Your previous BFF only exhibits life-like behavior when they require assistance from you, it's time to cut ties. You've lost your status as a trusted confidant, but you're now a means to an end for them.

3. They have lost their ability to trust you.

A true friend knows almost everything about your life and story. Normally, you accept that you feel exposed when you discuss your concerns with them. If you feel more judged than supported or heard, that's a bad friendship sign.

4. You're second to everything else.

They no longer devote the time to see you, so you become an afterthought when they have nothing else to do.

5. They no longer initiate.

You are the only one who attempts to maintain contact. Emails, messages, invitations, if you don't initiate contact first, you'll never see each other.

6. You learn everything about their lives on social media.

They no longer share anything personal, instead, they tell you the same thing as their 500 virtual acquaintances. You feel as though you've been stripped of your privileged position...

7. They belittle and criticize you

Someone is considered toxic when they criticize you. This person is typically devoted, attentive, sympathetic, and encouraging!

8. You are unwilling to share your opinion with them.

Everything you tell them is intended to benefit them, but they no longer comprehend that. Conversely, every time they feel angry or offended, it always leads to a dispute.

9. They consider you to be a competitor.

They believe you pose a threat, so they never cease to compare your respective situations. They criticize your work, apartment, clothing size, and in general, they try to diminish your success and accomplishments.

10. You feel like you're competing for their attention.

They only discuss their other companions, of whom they have a remarkable portrait. They are more lenient towards them, they praise their attributes. Everything they do demonstrates that the others are superior to you.

How to rekindle a Friendship that was unsuccessful?

Friendship is beneficial and enjoyable. Unfortunately, all relationships have a natural end, either voluntarily or not. If this is the case, you have the option of wanting to reconnect one day. However, it's not as simple as simply re-establishing the relationship as it was before.  It's also unwise to pick up the relationship where it left off, with the same degree of intimacy. Indeed, the process of building trust with another person is time-consuming and requires experience. Whether it's an old acquaintance or a new acquaintance, the process is the same. As a result, you must allow things time to occur, this is why it's more effective to communicate via text or email first, because it gives the other person a chance to consider. After all, everyone may have their reasons for refusing to re-connect; they may have a lot of friends, or they may be dealing with personal and professional issues.

Last Thoughts

Ending a relationship is never simple. The most effective way to end a relationship is through non-violent communication. It's unnecessary to detail the other person's shortcomings and errors, but it's more beneficial to be transparent. Discuss your emotions and express yourself simply and honestly. Clarity and diplomacy will facilitate the termination of a friendship without sparking a conflict.


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